Visiting stone pine plantations, 3rd of October

Field visit to sites concerning the implementation of the irrigation and fertilization trials continued on the 3rd of October. Three sites with stone pine plantations in around the Coruche region were visited for this purpose. The established fertilization trial (Vale Porquinho) was also visited during the afternoon.

In Sol Posto the pine trees were planted in 2003 and were grafted 5 years ago. The stand presented a good production of cones.

In Machoqueira do Grou - site 1 - the pine trees were planted in 2007 with a 8 m x 3 m spacing and an annual grafting was made since 2010 in the more promising trees. The site has a gentle slope. In Site 2 the years of plantation and grafting and also the spacing is identical to site 1 but the pine trees had a more difficult establishment.

The fertilization trial in Vale Porquinho (Chamusca) was established in 2009 (year of plantation) with  7 treatments and 3 repetitions.

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