Team and Consultants

PINEA Project team is from two Portuguese Institutions: Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA) and Instituto Nacional dos Recursos Biológicos (INRB). More information about these two institutions can be found in the page resources or in their respective website. The team has a strong focus on forest moelling. The team members are as follows:

Dr Luis Fontes (PINEA Project Coordinator), ISA

Dr Abel Rodrigues, INIAV
Dr Alexandra Correia, ISA
Prof Carlos Pacheco, ISA
Francesco Minunno, ISA
Dr João Freire, ISA
Prof José Tomé, ISA
Dr Maria da Encarnação Marcelo, INIAV
Dr Maria Isabel Carrasquinho, INIAV
Prof Margarida Tomé, ISA
Dr Paula Soares, ISA
Dr Pedro Jordão, INIAV

PINEA Project consultants are a very strong scientific support to the team and bring expertise in forest physiology, silviculture and Pinus pinea:
Dr Joe Landsberg, UNSW, Australia
Maria Augusta Vacas de Carvalho, AFN, Portugal
Dr Peter Savill, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Dr Rafael Calama, INIA, Spain
Dr Sven Mutke, INIA, Spain

PINEA Project is thankful to the continuous support from several Institutions and forest owners in particular:

UNAC: Antonio Goncalves Ferreira, Pedro Silveira, Nuno Calado
ACHAR: Rui Igreja
ANSUB: Pedro Silveira
APFC: Conceicao Santos Silva

Forest owners
Francisco Falcao de Campos
João Soares
Nuno Coimbra

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