Dr Rafael Calama

Dr Rafael Calama is one of the most active scientists on Pinus pinea research, some of his most recent work is:

CALAMA, R., MUTKE, S., TOMÉ, J.A., GORDO, F.J., MONTERO, G., TOMÉ, M. 2011. Modelling spatial and temporal variability in a zero-inflated variable: the case of stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) cone production. Ecological Modelling 222, 606-618. doi 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2010.09.020
PARDOS, M., PUÉRTOLAS, J., MADRIGAL, G., GARRIGA, E., DE BLAS, S., CALAMA, R. 2010. Seasonal changes in the physiological activity of regeneration under a natural light gradient in a Pinus pinea regular stand. Forest Systems 19(3): 367-380
OVANDO, P., CAMPOS, P., CALAMA, R., MONTERO, G. 2010. Landowner net benefit from Stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) afforestation of dry-land cereal fields in Valladolid, Spain. Journal of Forest Economics 16(2): 83-100. doi 10.1016/j.jfe.2009.07.001
MUTKE, S., CALAMA, R., GONZÁLEZ-MARTINEZ, S., MONTERO, G., GORDO, J., BONO, D., GIL, L. 2010. Mediterranean Stone Pine: Botany and Horticulture. Horticultural Reviews, 39. In press

The CV from Dr Rafael Calama can be dowloaded here: Dr Rafael Calama CV

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