Public interest in the PINEA Project

The PINEA Project intends to share its results with all international community interested in Pinus pinea. Public interest has been growing around PINEA Project since it started to be planned. In addition, with the establishment of its website the PINEA Project has been receiving an increasing number of messages showing a correspondent increase in the public interest. Here you will find a few of these messages that were selected to demonstrate how the public interest in the PINEA Project has been growing. In addition, as you will see here, this public interest is not confined only to Portugal.

From Geoff Holman, Yarrabung Estate, New South Wales, Australia. The Yarrabung Estate is probably the largest Pinus pinea plantation in Australia and one of the first to grow Pinus pinea in commercial scale in Australia.

"The Pinea Project is very important to us as it gives us a connection to experts in growing the pine nuts, a forum to share findings with other growers and most importantly the opportunity to learn from results of the project and apply the knowledge locally here on the other side of the world. Having access to the project will mean that we will be able to bring our trees into production early which will mean that we have a commercial income sooner and with the best possible yields.

Having the Pinea Project operational will be an extremely beneficial source of information that will provide with the information on Pinus pinea management that we need so desperately here in Australia and we will be able to reference the project in developing industry, giving the project international acclaim.

It is very hard to explain how excited we are by the Pinea Project and that the project will be the main source of information that will be of most valuable information to us in developing and making our crop successful and providing us the data we need to be successful farmers."

From Dave Ware, Algarve, Portugal.

"We are based in the Algarve, the Pinea Project is a very important project for information and networking with the Pinea Pinus industry. We are a small company, looking to set up a cooperative of local growers, who cannot afford or have not got the ability for harvest their trees. Our aim is to set up a small processing plant, which will be the only processing plant in the Algarve. We will sell the nuts as part of the Algarve community working together through difficult economic times. 

The information we require for this industry, we will be reliant on the help and interaction from the Pinea Project, we would endorse any funding towards this project to help our community."

The Netherlands
From Ruud van Kats, Gladiolusstraat, Wassenaar, The Netherlands.

Pinus pinea Netherlands
Pinus pinea growing in The Netherlands

From Judith Abeles, San Diego, California, USA.

"For individual urban gardeners like myself, the Pinea Project has been invaluable. It is the only place I have been able to obtain detailed information about this type of tree without someone trying to sell me something. I hope it will be able to continue its research and provide the public with information about this valuable tree."

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