pinus pinea stakeholders

Processing cones to obtain pine nuts

UNAC organised a visit to show a unit which processes Pinus pinea cones to obtain pine nuts, on the 20th of September. Several participants from the PINEA Project attended to this interesting event.

PINEA Project meeting at ISA

Pinea project members and Pinus pinea stalkeholders had a meeting at Instituto Superior de Agronomía (ISA) on the 12th September. Activities and tasks planned were discussed.Presentation is avaliable for download: PINEA-Project-2013-09-12

Pinus pinea

PINEA Project has a renovated website

PINEA Project website was developed during its proposal. Now with the PINEA Project start it was necessary to renovate and upgrade the existing website. We hope it will be serving its propose to facilitate information about ongoing research and its results.

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